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Ngoc Vung Island

Ngoc Vung is a soil island with the total area of 12km2, about 34km far from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. At night, from distance, boats often saw the halo of pearls forming a luminescence around the island, therefore,it was named Ngoc Vung Island. In the past, the traditional work of people living on the island was pearl exploitation. Here, the pearl is famous for its beauty and brightness. Today, pearl farming has been recovered and thrived. Around the island, there are many beautiful beaches and archaeological vestiges underHa Long culture, Cong Yen ancient port under Van Don trading harbor system from the 12thcentury and ancient relics of the Nguyen Dynasty’s ancient citadel.
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Quan Lan island

Quan Lan island is about 26 km far from Cam Pha town to the southeast. The island possesses a number of natural sandy beaches stretching for kilometers.... In the 12thcentury, the island was a bustling international tradecenter and also the most important one of Vietnam. On the island, there are a lot of valuable historical, cultural and architectural monuments such as: temples,pagodas, shrines, ancient harbors… Especially, annually, Quan Lan village festival is usually held from the 10th to 20th of lunar June with the attractive and vivid boat race.
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Ba Trai Dao beach

Ba Trai Dao islands are famous landscape with a beautiful beach that is 22 km south of the Tourist Wharf. These are three small islands, about 20 m height, that look like three peaches. They remind a romantic love story between a fairy and a poor fisherman. Because she wanted him live with her forever, she stole three peaches for him. Her father was so angry that turned three peaches into three islands. Nowadays, Ba Trai Dao islands are ideal for tourists in Ha Long Bay.
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